This is a demonstration wiki for the Wikimedia genealogy project, for testing purposes only.      [ Current tasks | Create task ]

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Welcome to Wikimedia's genealogy demonstration wiki!

Do with it whatever you like, but don't rely on the data being kept forever — no actual backups are made, beyond those of the normal Toolforge operations.


Useful links

On this wiki
  • {{person}}
  • {{#genealogy:tree |ancestors={{PAGENAMEE}}}} - if used on a page other than that of the person whose tree you want, replace {{PAGENAMEE}} with the person's article name
  • Category:Top category - find categories, starting at the top or the root
  • {{wikipedia}} - to acknowledge material sourced from Wikipedia
On other sites


New forums on this wiki - see "Forum" link in sidebar.

Other general discussion is on the mailing list:

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Bug-tracking is on Phabricator:

You can also use the "Discussion" tab on each page for discussions about specific pages. Note that these may not be noticed by many people.